I remember vividly when my first dream died.

I was in high school and had built my identity and future around being a football player. It wasn’t the pop of the broken metatarsals, the reality of the cast around my right foot, the ticking down of the clock in the last game of my senior year or the letter retracting my scholarship that crashed my dreams.


My dream of being a football player died many months later when I no longer had sufficient energy to push aside reality in favor of my dream.

It was an early late January morning in Minneapolis, 4+ months after my injury. I was shoveling the driveway before school when I hit a wall.  I couldn’t lift the shovel even one more time as every ounce of strength had left my body. I sat down on the driveway, looked up at the sky and screamed, ‘f*** you!’ From that point forward I accepted the reality that my dream of becoming a football player had died..

Prior to 4/13/18, I was able to ignore the omnibus spending bill, a complete lack of progress on the wall, DACA waffling, no prosecution of Hillary and other DNC thugs, etc. Despite failing on these campaign promises, I continued to get up every day and publicly fight for Trump because I still believed in the dream and the energy required to fight for it was less than the energy derived from the hope in a better future.

Not anymore.

Launching a missile strike in Syria in the face of zero credible logic or evidence indicating that Assad initiated the chemical attack was the dream killer for me.  Trump, in this move, signaled a complete cave-in to the deep state blood lust that has had our country at war for 93% of it’s existence.

And it gets worse. Trump is now selling the strike as a success, branding the military effort as, ‘mission accomplished.’ How naive. Name a military conflict initiated in the Middle East by the US – or west for that matter – which has ever ended, not to mention successfully?

This is not a winnable war and provokes the nuclear armed Russian into a conflict with no strategically advantageous outcome.  Endless spilt blood and treasure is what we have to look forward to.

I voted for America First – I don’t think America even makes Trump’s top ten. He would rather start World War III.

Still better than Hillary (she would have initiated this conflict day one without the other goodies that Trump has accomplished) but the movement needs a new figurehead. Trump’s compromised.

In other words, the nationalist movement needs a ‘f*** you’ moment.

Who will be there to take the reigns in the mid-terms and thereafter?

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