A Night for Freedom, Washington D.C. – 2/24/2018

I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t star struck in the presence of the thought leaders behind A Night for Freedom D. C. and three key figures of the New Nationalism movement: Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneaux and Milo Yianopolis.

What is New Nationalism? Boiled down it is a principled approach to politics based on individual liberty, equality under the law, limited government and traditional western cultural values.

Gabe Hoffman kicked off the night with a retelling of the odyssey behind the 3 year battle and eventual independent release of his acclaimed documentary An Open Secret which documents child abuse in Hollywood. Read more here.

He also shared details on a petition to requesting a Presidential Commission be formed dedicated to protecting children. As of the writing of this post it is 3% of the way towards the goal of 100,000 signatures.

As Gabe wrapped up, he turned the mic over to the panel below who entertained the early attenders for another 2 hours of Q/A from the highly engaged crowd.

Mike Cernovich Milo Yianopolis Stefan Molyneux Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Following the VIP session, there was a brief interlude before the main event which included keynote speeches by Stef & Milo and music by Milk N Cooks.

Other special guests included Mike Flynn Jr., Jack Posobiec and Cassandra Fairbanks.

I took pictures throughout and you can see for yourself here – disclaimer: I am not a photographer.

Mike organized the gathering at City Club, Washington D.C., the second in a series which will spread out across the country over the next several months.  Stay connected to future events at aNightforFreedom.com.

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Antifa made an appearance after some unintentional misdirection from Mike which sent them across the Potomac to Maryland. Tame in comparison to the violent protests at the Manhattan event which resulted in an attendee getting knocked unconscious and nearly chocked to death.

Especially meaningful for me was an opportunity to personally thank Stef for two things:

  • A 75 minute 1:1 skype call back in 2013 which helped me to find meaning in the midst of tragedy
  • Inspiring me to end the cycle of abuse in my gene pool through peaceful parenting

Especially exciting for me was getting to share with Milo a portrait I painted of him in 2017 and his commitment to publically sign it at the next A Night for Freedom event.

Aside from the festivities, strategy was the theme of the night.  Oscillating between offensive and defensive tactics, we covered everything from how to discredit hard core lefties in their own peer groups to how to attract Christian Moms to our brand.

I left energized, inspired and determined to step up my game.  Dollar for dollar, money well spent – after all, this, my first blog post is five years in the making.

Time to get to work.