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Hello! from home office

I grew up outside without a mobile device, spending most of my free time with friends in the woods or on a field. If I wasn’t outside, I was reading, preferably sci-fi or mystery. I landed my first job at 11, earning money a dozen different ways before leaving home at 18 to put myself thru college 750 miles east of my Minneapolis origin. enshrine

Now, as a 30-something single father of three, I practice peaceful co-parenting with my ex, speak fluent emoji, and the only thing skinnier than my jean collection is my net worth.

I am the Old School Millennial – relentlessly reconstituting historical hardships into tasteful truths for the here and now as a down payment towards a fantastic future. After all, it belongs to us millennials, if only we will reach out and take it.

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What is a Millennial?

I am not a professional writer, doctor, therapist, or politician. I did, however, get my MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology, and my Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Michigan. My professional career includes experience as a loan officer, restaurant manager, mechanical engineer for three different companies in three different industries, as well as various leadership roles for a Fortune 150 corporation and now the largest company on earth.

I’ve been married and divorced. I have teenage children. I’ve lost friends and family members. I’ve traveled the globe, including 40 of the 50 states. I’m the first in my family (that I know of) to earn a master’s degree and collect a six-figure salary. I’ve learned enough to understand I know very little.

What I do know:

wisdom is transferrable through shared experiences, as is idiocy, there are already enough idiots

Enjoy the blog, I hope you find it inspirational and applicable, and, if you’re so inclined, leave a comment or two behind to help further our journey together.