The Future is Yeezy

Kanye West is the FlyBy supplement to my Trump Hangover.

Scott Adams released a vlog describing this moment in US History as the beginning of the golden age. If you prefer a written account, check out Mike Cernovich’s article. Candace Owens predicted it would be Kanye that bought us to the precipice of a cultural revolution.

And so here we are.

It started with 7 words from Yeezy, ‘I like the way Candace Owens thinks.” Then the signed Maga hat went public. Trump joined in and tweeted some Kanye love. Then there was the John Legend rebuttal from Kanye, which was epic for reasons I’ll get into later.

But it gets better, deeper.

The controversy continues to escalate as Kanye released Ye vs. The People on 4/28/2018. Check out the lyric @ 1:05:

‘See that’s the problem with this damn nation, all blacks gotta to be democrats. Man we ain’t made it off the plantation.’

All this from the guy who’s best known political commentary was his decrying of President Bush’s lack of care for black people in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

To add to last week’s first amendment drama, Diamond and Silk found themselves testifying in front of congress regarding cooked up charges of ill-gotten field consulting fees paid to them on behalf of the Trump campaign. Diamond & Silk are two vocal YouTube stars who have been advocating for blacks to abandon the democratic plantation going back several years.

So what has the public response been to strong black voices such as Candace Owens, Diamond & Silk and Kanye West speaking freely?  A combination of silence, ad hominem attacks and raised suspicions around deteriorating mental health.

The message you are supposed to take from this: empowered free thought is only tolerated if you have the right (left) ideas.

To further demonstrate this point, one only needs to contrast the press’ treatment of Joy Reid – who lives safely inside the leftist protected class – in the wake of her unsavory LGBTQ commentary on her now defunct blog. First she claimed to have been hacked – which was not provable – and then she issued a ‘genuine apology’ where she claimed to have no memory of writing such comments.

Apparently, when you’re on the left a sufficient defense is to simply state that you genuinely believe you didn’t do whatever they’re accusing you of. Essentially, Joy is enjoying immunity in the court of public opinion – must be nice.

What we’re left with is the fact that in the US today coming out conservative can cost you your friends and loved ones, career and more.  If you are influential enough you will be censored, demonetized, attacked and labeled every hateful kind of bigot imaginable. It won’t matter if you are a minority, a woman or any other protected class.

The left and their allies in the media now act as the thought police, ruthlessly suppressing ideas they don’t like with vicious attacks on those espousing them.

Ben Garrison summed it up the tension in pictures.

But here’s the thing, no matter what side you’re on, if you cheer on the censorship of people you don’t like today, rest assured the mob will be coming for you tomorrow. Inevitably, the thought police will brand everyone a Nazi worthy of being punched, and worse.

What Kanye is helping millions to understand isn’t which team to join, but rather how to think about what team you’re on, what your values are and where you want to be moving forward.

The best part is he’s doing it in an almost irresistible and loving way – reference his reply to John Legend above. Add in his massive influence and reach both in and outside of the black community, he’s too big to be ignored or taken down quietly in the night.

The conversation will happen.

This conversation represents a push to elavate the collective conscious out of the group think mindset that has dominated most of human existence and towards a more principled approach to human affairs.

Let’s join with Kanye and work together to usher in this long awaited golden age, where truth can be allowed to roam free and we the people stand together against the growing tyranny of the feels.